How to Set Goals and Objectives with Well Formed Outcomes

If you’re failing to achieve your goals and objectives, you are not alone!

In my 2nd video blog I talk about setting well formed outcomes. Framing your goals and objectives in a positive way will motivate you to achieve them. Looking at your goals differently (including the negatives) will help you see where you could fail and help you to avoid things that trip us all up!

In summary, a well formed outcome should be:

  • Positive – Are you really going to do something that is framed negatively?
  • Sensory – Bringing in your senses will help create the outcomes as real
  • Control – Do you have enough control over events to ensure you give yourself the best chance of success?
  • Specific – How focused is your outcome?  If it isn’t focused enough, you risk failure
  • Ecology – How does the outcome fit in to the bigger picture?

Watch the video for more!  If you are struggling to achieve goals, get in touch and I can help you to set some well formed outcomes.

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