How to Deal with Changes Using Logical Levels

We all have to deal with changes in life and in work. In this video blog I show you how to deal with change using logical levels.

This method allows you to quickly identify the change or changes that you are facing and the steps you should consider taking to deal with that change. I used it myself when I had to make a decision about a serious career change… becoming a coach!

The great thing about logical levels when dealing with change or setting any kind of goal is that it puts where you are and where you want to go in to a larger framework that ensures you can consider everything that might affect you. When dealing with any change, understanding it is the first step in coping with it and making it work for you!

Watch the video for more! After watching, an example of logical levels in action could be useful. You can see that video here. If you are facing changes in your life or work and are feeling overwhelmed I can help take you through the logical levels to better understand the changes you are facing and the steps you need to take.