Coaching Approach

As a coach my job is to Transform 2 Succeed to realise a client’s true potential, help them achieve personal success, fulfilment and a sense of purpose through making wiser decisions and being more consistently true to their authentic self.

My range of approaches to ethical, flexible and powerful coaching enables everyone and anyone to do this.

Traditional coaching focuses on setting and achieving personal or organisational goals, creating clear outcomes and managing personal change.

I am one of the first accredited mBIT coaches in the UK and now a mBIT Master Coach and licensed mBIT Coach Trainer. mBit is an integrated approach that is practical, potent, and immediate in its results, using cutting edge scientific research that recognises the existence of three brains (the head, the heart and the gut) and drawing together how these brains can help us in our daily life. mBit stands for Multiple Brain Integrating Techniques.

I often use principles of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) if I feel that they would help a client reach an insight or overcome an obstacle.

I have spent my life challenging the status quo, developing new and innovative services, improving organisational performance through creative problem solving, people development and empowerment. I have done this through Passion, Power and Purpose … more than my tag line, it’s my mission.

Passion provides us with energy and focus, driving us forward. This allows us to be powerful in our confidence to not only set goals but achieve them. This mix of Passion and Power allows us to act with Purpose, understanding our journey and our destination.

Clients have described me as a motivational, humorous and insightful coach, who is pragmatic, curious, realistic and authentic.

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