His authentic, values-based approach is one that I found of immense benefit when steering what can be the stormy waters of NHS management. His help in reframing issues has allowed me to successfully over come some significant hurdles, particularly when creating new teams, often bringing together people from disparate professional backgrounds. I will continue to work with Stephen as my own career develops.

Dr James WardMedical Director, Scottish Ambulance Service

Stephen is one of the most engaging, relaxed, witty and genuine people I have had the pleasure to meet. His personal approach immediately sets a comfortable presence, yet his focused demeanour facilitates productive coaching. What I gained from Stephen is that coaching is about exploring realistic commitments to bring about solutions, goals, and ultimately the change we seek. Definitely the performance coach for me!

John HernandezDirector, OMS & Leadership Safety & Operational Risk BP Corp, N.A. USA

Through my coaching with Stephen, I realised my passion for chillies. I then had the idea of producing chilli sauce. I find coaching is great for opening up your mind and sometimes just allowing yourself to think positively and step by step planning your route to your goal. I now run a successful company making and selling a range of chilli sauces.

Mark CullingfordOwner/Founder, Magma Sauces, Lancaster, England.

I am delighted to recommend Stephen as a sensitive, altruistic, pragmatic coach and coach supervisor who works in a firm yet gentle way to enable his clients to challenge their thinking and develop workable solutions in their daily lives. He will use creative techniques to expand your perspectives and he won't let you off the hook!

Dr Sally VansonDirector, The Performance Solution, Bath, England, UK

Stephen is a great coach, he really challenges the way you think and motivates you to act!

John HodkinInnertuba, Highlands, Scotland, UK.

I was lost at that time, and didn't know what to do in the future in terms of my career. Thanks to Stephen, I thought a lot and found my new direction. Now I'm back in China and I'd like to thank Stephen for his help and I will work hard on the direction I found. I believe I can make it.

Wan FuHeadhunter Link Management Consulting Company, Guangzhou, China.

Stephen and I have attended Higher Professional Coaching Skills course together. I have found him to be a coach with lots of empathy, who invests time in building fruitful relationship; he supports you every step of the way and at the same time challenges you to come up with best possible solutions for yourself. It is my pleasure to recommend Stephen as a coach.

Magdalena LukasiewiczLearning Consultant/Business Coach, Thomson Reuters, Poland

Stephen and I both attended a Higher Professional Coaching Skills course. He is patient and inquiring and enables each coaching client to explore their goals in their own way. He has a thirst for learning and at the time of writing this recommendation he is studying for an MA. I am certain with his emphasis for pragmatism, he will effortlessly apply all he learns to the benefit of any client.

Lizzi LarbalestierMA PCC, Director at Catalyst NLP, Cornwall, England, UK

Stephen is a talented coach with a keen interest in human issues and with an authentic approach to establish deep trust in relationships.

Erik ManssonConsultant, Mindshift Consulting, Frankfurt, Germany

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