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mBIT Licenced Coach Certification Course

This 4 day course will introduce you to an entire suite of powerful and easy to learn ‘multiple Brain Integration Techniques’ collectively know as mBIT and will complement your skillset with neuroscience-based mBIT Coaching.

mBRAINING – the leading edge of cpd in coaching

When is this course running?

More course dates will be announced soon, with courses running in 2020. Please contact us or subscribe to our newsletter to get advanced notice or more information.

mBraining Coaching Head, Heart and Gut Brains

Why become a certified mBIT Coach?

Do you ever have clients with the following issues?

    • Internal conflict between their thoughts, feelings and actions?
    • Repeatedly not acting on or sabotaging their dreams, goals and plans/
    • Doing unwanted behaviours or habits, don’t know why and have difficulty stopping?
    • Challenges in making decisions or unable to motivate themselves to take action?
    • Chronically experiencing disempowering emotional states such as frustration, depression, anger, anxiety etc.
  • Chronic health issues, especially those to do with the heart and gut region.

The course will develop you in how to recognise and interpret the different languages of your three main intelligences. It will support you in streamlining your coaching process to gain quicker, deeper and more generative results. It will highlight how you can actively educate your gut and heart brains for greater intuition and better decision making through the creation of new neural pathways and how to balance the autonomic nervous system through mBIT. It will introduce you to a Balanced Breathing method to quickly relieve stress.

“mBraining takes up where NLP leaves off. mBraining is based on a synthesis of the latest research in neurology and cognitive science. This is the birth of a new field. In short, if you want a model that synthesises NLP, that expands upon it and is based on hard science then mBraining is for you. Learn it now and get on the ground floor.” Wyatt L Woodsmall – NLP Master Trainer and Master Modeller, co-creator of the International NLP Trainers Association

Who should attend?

Professional coaches of all types, counsellors, healthcare professionals, trainers and educators, leaders, managers and mentors, and anyone who needs to coach others.

For you personally this programme will help you to recognise and interpret the different languages of your three main intelligence. Give you deeper insights into how your multiple brains produce internal conflict and what you can do about it. How your gut and heart brains are able to learn and grow new neural pathways  and how you can actively educate them for greater intuition and better decisions by balancing the autonomic nervous system.

When is this course running?

Our next course is running on

To be announced shortly

There are limited places per course to ensure high quality personalised training

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How can I book my place?

Call us on either 01524 782984 or 07513425966




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How much does it cost?

To make the course as accessible as possible we have kept the costs as low as possible

Four Day Course fee is £997 (inclusive)

Early Bird discount is £800 (for places booked at least 6 weeks before the start date of the course)

Group discount – book three places and be rewarded with a fourth place completely free!

We can also offer a payment plan (please contact for details)

There are limited places per course to ensure high quality personalised training

Where is the course being held?

We are currently exploring a number of fabulous venues. If you know of any great venues suitable for a four day course we would be delighted to hear from you or may be you would like us to run the course specifically for your team or organisation then please contact us.

A taste of what you will learn

  • How neuroscience research has shown that you have three brains, and how these findings validate ancient wisdom teachings and practices.
  • An entire suite of powerful and easy-to-learn ‘Multiple Brain Integration Techniques’, collectively known as mBIT.
  • The 9 Prime Functions of head, heart and gut brains and how each provides you with a different ability and talent.
  • How to balance the Autonomic Nervous System through the ‘mBIT Balanced Breathing’ method to quickly relieve stress and gain access to the innate intelligences of your three brains.
  • How to use the Core Competencies Framework to quickly diagnose unresourceful states and discern what’s needed to bring the nervous system back into balance for optimal functioning in all three brains.
  • The ‘mBIT Foundational Sequence’ to ensure you are working with the three brains in the optimum sequence for generative results.
  • How to recognise and overcome 15 types of Neural Integration Blocks, that may temporarily prevent full integration between the three brains.
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This is what people say about our mBIT Course…

louise 2

Louse George, Mindset Success Visibility Coach, actor and presenter; explains what being an mBIT coach means to her and her clients (Click here for short video)


Gayle Young, my fabulous Co-Trainer, summarising mBraining (Click here for short video)

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A selection of my clients testimonials. For more testimonials click here.

I cannot recommend Stephen or his mBIT certification course enough! I attended the course in 2018 and it was so much more than I imagined. Stephen is such a knowledgeable trainer and delivers in a fun and engaging way.

There were so many little touches that made this an unforgettable experience and Stephen really cares about your personal development and depth of knowledge, to pass the certification and go on to deliver and coach your own clients, with complete confidence.

I have been blown away by the ongoing support following the course too. Stephen really puts service first and is one of the best coaches and trainers I've had the pleasure of working with over many years and many courses.

I highly recommend and look forward to working with you again in the future, Stephen.

Louise GeorgeMindset Success Visibility Coach, actor and presenter

I’m so grateful for our sessions earlier this year. I’ve never felt so focused and clear and driven about anything.

Jenny NatuschArtist, Activist and Founder of Escape2MakeTM , UK

A fascinating few days with Stephen and mBIT coaching. He has a great approach to the training and is hugely supportive. I have used this style of coaching on numerous occasions with great results. My clients have been able to explore differently through head heart and gut. Thanks to Stephen and his team.

Deb ParkFacilitator, Coach and Development Consultant

I wanted to integrate my head, heart and gut with better decision making and to help provide my clients with better decision making by helping them integrate their thinking (brain) with their heart and gut too. Stephen provided me with those tools and techniques - his way of delivery was not only superbly instructive but also congruent with the values and tools of mBraining.

Martin WellsExperienced Coach, Facilitator and Trainer (Insight Coaching)

I recently completed an mBIT Coach Certification course with Stephen, the content of which was truly life enhancing. Stephen delivered the course with such professionalism and warmth that I would be very happy to undertake further training with him and look forward to doing so in the future.

Stephen’s support began long before the course, when I contacted him to ask for information and is still ongoing, even though the course finished months ago. I know that Stephen is happy to help and support me in my mBIT journey, he offers ongoing counsel and encouragement. I highly recommend Stephen as both a Coach and a Trainer.

Caroline PettLife Coach

Completing the mBIT coaching course with Stephen was a life-enhancing experience. The revelation that we have at least two other intelligences in addition to our head brain has made a profound difference to the way I approach problems. I have been able to use this new learning in my work as a trainer, utilising TIFF and Functional Fluency in order to help people improve their relationships in the workplace, at home, and deep within themselves; mBIT complements this beautifully.

I would highly recommend Stephen as a trainer and as a coach. He acts with huge integrity, compassion and empathy and blends these skills to enable people to overcome life and work challenges. Though prepared to offer advice where this seems the right thing to do, Stephen is far more concerned with helping you structure your thinking in ways that assist your growth. I consider Stephen to be an expert in his field.

David BrownDBS Training and Coaching

His authentic, values-based approach is one that I found of immense benefit when steering what can be the stormy waters of NHS management. His help in reframing issues has allowed me to successfully over come some significant hurdles, particularly when creating new teams, often bringing together people from disparate professional backgrounds. I will continue to work with Stephen as my own career develops.

Dr James WardMedical Director, Scottish Ambulance Service

Stephen is one of the most engaging, relaxed, witty and genuine people I have had the pleasure to meet. His personal approach immediately sets a comfortable presence, yet his focused demeanour facilitates productive coaching. What I gained from Stephen is that coaching is about exploring realistic commitments to bring about solutions, goals, and ultimately the change we seek. Definitely the performance coach for me!

John HernandezDirector, OMS & Leadership Safety & Operational Risk BP Corp, N.A. USA

Through my coaching with Stephen, I realised my passion for chillies. I then had the idea of producing chilli sauce. I find coaching is great for opening up your mind and sometimes just allowing yourself to think positively and step by step planning your route to your goal. I now run a successful company making and selling a range of chilli sauces.

Mark CullingfordOwner/Founder, Magma Sauces, Lancaster, England.

I am delighted to recommend Stephen as a sensitive, altruistic, pragmatic coach and coach supervisor who works in a firm yet gentle way to enable his clients to challenge their thinking and develop workable solutions in their daily lives. He will use creative techniques to expand your perspectives and he won't let you off the hook!

Dr Sally VansonDirector, The Performance Solution, Bath, England, UK

Stephen is a great coach, he really challenges the way you think and motivates you to act!

John HodkinInnertuba, Highlands, Scotland, UK.

I was lost at that time, and didn't know what to do in the future in terms of my career. Thanks to Stephen, I thought a lot and found my new direction. Now I'm back in China and I'd like to thank Stephen for his help and I will work hard on the direction I found. I believe I can make it.

Wan FuHeadhunter Link Management Consulting Company, Guangzhou, China.

Stephen and I have attended Higher Professional Coaching Skills course together. I have found him to be a coach with lots of empathy, who invests time in building fruitful relationship; he supports you every step of the way and at the same time challenges you to come up with best possible solutions for yourself. It is my pleasure to recommend Stephen as a coach.

Magdalena LukasiewiczLearning Consultant/Business Coach, Thomson Reuters, Poland

Stephen and I both attended a Higher Professional Coaching Skills course. He is patient and inquiring and enables each coaching client to explore their goals in their own way. He has a thirst for learning and at the time of writing this recommendation he is studying for an MA. I am certain with his emphasis for pragmatism, he will effortlessly apply all he learns to the benefit of any client.

Lizzi LarbalestierMA PCC, Director at Catalyst NLP, Cornwall, England, UK

Stephen is a talented coach with a keen interest in human issues and with an authentic approach to establish deep trust in relationships.

Erik ManssonConsultant, Mindshift Consulting, Frankfurt, Germany

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