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There are a lot of misconceptions about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).  In essence, NLP is a study of ‘excellence’ encompassing three influential areas involved in human experience.  Neurology.  Language.  Behaviour.

Our neurological system regulates how we process information and how our bodies function.  Language is about our words but also the non-verbal signals we use to communicate and understand one another.  Our behaviour (or programming) are the processes we follow triggered by our thoughts, the way we view the world and the habitual patterns we use.

NLP then is the way we evaluate situations, solve problems, and make decisions.  And how we can use that awareness to improve our own life.  Through thinking, feeling and reacting.

I find that NLP offers valuable insights to help shift a point of view, to learn from all experiences and to make better decisions.  We are often caught in a way of interpreting the world that doesn’t help us. Our memories of perceived experiences, our beliefs and behaviours can limit our choices and affect the decisions we make.

I often incorporate NLP into my coaching sessions when it will help in developing behaviours of confidence, competence, and flexibility.  This in turn produces ways to think, feel and react from multiple perspectives and provides clients with the greatest number of choices that aren’t limited by the way they think, feel, and react.

I am fascinated by the way we think, feel and react, so if you would like to talk further about NLP or how I use it in coaching,  let’s meet or arrange a call

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