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I’m Stephen Moore and I’d like to get to know you.  Here’s a little about me.

People are important to me; I am fascinated and constantly amazed by how creative, compassionate and courageous we can all be. As such I am intensely curious about how we work, live, make decisions and the recurring themes of health, happiness and purpose.

After nearly 30 years experience of working within the UK Public Sector, I decided to set out on my own as a professional coach.

I regularly work with clients throughout the UK and internationally. I have worked with clients in China and Asia, Europe and the USA. I provide coaching sessions with individuals and teams, using a wide variety of venues and technologies, tailored to best support my clients’ situation, goals and ways of working.

Stephen kayaking solo around his very first iceberg, Northern Labrador, Canada, August 2008

This might mean making use of consulting, meeting and training rooms; hotels and conference centres as well as cafés and public places. I also use internet based services such as Skype, FaceTime, Zoom etc.

Coaching outdoors can be for many clients a very powerful and insightful experience. This might not necessarily mean hiking up a mountain (although we could).

Stephen achieving a Masters Degree in Human Resources and Consultancy at the age of 51, Lancaster University, UK, September 2013.

I have coached clients whilst exploring the gardens of a hotel or country house, strolling along the seafront, beach, canal path, riverbank, lakeside or city centre plaza.  Outdoor coaching often opens you up to fresh thinking, energises and intensely stimulates your senses.

I also provide coaching via Skype, FaceTime, telephone and where appropriate email.

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A selection of my clients testimonials. For more testimonials click here.

His authentic, values-based approach is one that I found of immense benefit when steering what can be the stormy waters of NHS management. His help in reframing issues has allowed me to successfully over come some significant hurdles, particularly when creating new teams, often bringing together people from disparate professional backgrounds. I will continue to work with Stephen as my own career develops.

Dr James WardMedical Director, Scottish Ambulance Service

Stephen is one of the most engaging, relaxed, witty and genuine people I have had the pleasure to meet. His personal approach immediately sets a comfortable presence, yet his focused demeanour facilitates productive coaching. What I gained from Stephen is that coaching is about exploring realistic commitments to bring about solutions, goals, and ultimately the change we seek. Definitely the performance coach for me!

John HernandezDirector, OMS & Leadership Safety & Operational Risk BP Corp, N.A. USA

Through my coaching with Stephen, I realised my passion for chillies. I then had the idea of producing chilli sauce. I find coaching is great for opening up your mind and sometimes just allowing yourself to think positively and step by step planning your route to your goal. I now run a successful company making and selling a range of chilli sauces.

Mark CullingfordOwner/Founder, Magma Sauces, Lancaster, England.

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