Feeling Stuck? Not sure of your next step?

Every single one of us, at one point or another, gets stuck, isn’t sure what to do next or frustrated by not achieving our goals. Does this sound familiar? If this is this how you feel at the moment, then you’re in the right place.


I see life as a journey, each person taking their own path. A journey in which the destination is not always known or important.

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As your Business Coach I will work with you to explore, analyse and gain essential clarity in how to take your business forward.

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I know the critical areas where stress and pressure can accumulate and how to resolve it with executive coaching.

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As your personal Career Coach our sessions together will focus on specific areas that are critical to your career and success.

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Transform 2 Succeed

I regularly work with clients throughout the UK as well as internationally. I have worked with clients in China and Asia, Europe and the USA. I provide coaching sessions with individuals and teams, using a wide variety of venues and technologies, tailored to best support my clients’ situation, goals and ways of working.  This might mean making use of consulting, meeting and training rooms; hotels and conference centres as well as cafés and public places. I also use internet based services such as Skype, FaceTime, Zoom etc.

Coaching outdoors can be for many clients a very powerful and insightful experience. This might not necessarily mean hiking up a mountain (although we could). I have coached clients whilst exploring the gardens of a hotel or country house, strolling along the seafront, beach, canal path, riverbank, lakeside or city centre plaza.  Outdoor coaching often opens you up to fresh thinking, energises and intensely stimulates your senses.

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Start 2018 with genuinely transformational new skills!

An Example of Logical Levels in Action
An Example of Logical Levels in Action

How to Deal with Changes Using Logical Levels
How to Deal with Changes Using Logical Levels

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